Best Free Volume Software For Your Windows 10

What do you generally do to boost the sound volume of your laptop? You must be connecting your external speakers to your laptop right? But, do you know you can get free volume software for boosting the volume of your laptop? It means you don’t have to connect your old external speakers and enjoy movies and audio-only by installing sound booster software for your laptop. If you also wish to increase the overall sound of your laptop for watching movies, listening to songs, or playing games, you can refer to the below list of best free volume software for your laptop. So, let’s get started. 

10 Best and Free Sound Boosters for your Laptop

1. Boom 3D
Download: Boom 3D
Price: $39.95
Free Version: Trial Version-30 days
Boom 3D is our first pick for volume booster due to many reasons. First of all, there are over 40 million users of this software for iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows 10. Moreover, this software is owned by Global Delight Apps and the only reason behind the success of this software is the user-friendly nature of this software. It is easy to use and instantly increases the volume of the laptop. The best part I loved about this app is that it is specially designed on the basis of a 3D Surround Audio Engine Algorithm.

2. FxSound

Download: FxSound
Price: $19.99
Free Version: Yes
FxSound is the other best and robust tool for boosting the sound of your laptop. The reason behind its success is that it also supports a low-resolution output. The best part I loved about this software is that it is compatible with all output methods like you just connect a jukebox with your laptop and can enjoy the boosted and adjusted sound. It comes with a user-friendly interface and is compatible with beginners as well.

3. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Download: Fidelizer Audio Enhancer
Free Version: Yes
Fidelizer Audio Enhancer is my personal favorite tool as it optimizes your laptop for enhancing the quality and audio of the laptop to an optimal level. The best part I loved about this software is that it is compatible with all audio streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz. And specifically, it never hampers the quality of the audio. It comes in three versions: Fidelizer Pro, Fidelizer Plus, and the free version.

4. Equalizer APO

Download: Equalizer APO

Price: Free

Free Version: Yes

Equalizer APO is your one-stop for boosting the volume of your laptop without hampering the quality of the sound. The part I loved about this software is that it is completely free. Moreover, it is a lightweight application with open sources. Additionally, it does not consume more storage on your laptop which means it is user-friendly as well. It also supports an unlimited number of channels and is loaded with an infinite number of filters. 

5. Voice Meeter

Download: Voice Meeter
Price: Free
Free Version: Yes
Voice Meeter is completely free software for boosting sound in your laptop. It fine-tunes all the audio settings on your laptop in a one-by-one step process. The best part I loved about this software is that it allows a specific equalizer for every setting in your laptop. Not only this, it allows us to record the audio while making changes to the laptop. Overall, this software is a robust tool for boosting up the volume in your laptop.

6. Ear Trumpet

Download: Ear Trumpet
Price: Free
Free Version: Yes
Ear Trumpet is not only an audio booster but it is also an audio mixer. It is one of the best software because it let the users control the settings of the audio on your laptop. Overall, the software is easy to use and allows users to get things done in a single click. Moreover, it is a free app with a standalone volume mixer as well.

7. Viper4Windows

Download: Viper4Windows
Price: Free
Free Version: Yes
Viper4Windows is a free app for increasing or boosting sound on your laptop. It is easy to install, easy to use, and comes with a user-friendly interface. It was released in two versions for Android and Windows. If you have ever used ROMS on your Android phone, you must be aware of Viper4Windows as well, as it is the default audio software.

8. Audio Retoucher

Download: Audio Retoucher
Price: $39.95
Free Version: Free to try
The only reason I love Audio Retoucher is the simple settings and easy-to-use nature. This software calibrates with other sound parameters to boost volume in your laptop without hampering the quality of the audio. It is specially designed for beginners and people who are not techies. Additionally, it measures BPM accurately and amplifies the existing sound in high frequency.

9. Letasoft Sound Booster

Download: Letasoft Sound Booster
Price: $19.95
Free Version: Trial Version for 14 days
Letasoft Sound Booster is one of my personal favorites from the list as it helps in boosting the audio up to 500%. It maintains the quality of the audio and it surely enhances the sound of your laptop without even using the external speakers. It also helps in minimizing the distortions by the use of its inbuilt detection module. Overall, it is one of the best volume software for laptops.

10. DeskFX Audio Enhancer

Download: DeskFX Audio Enhancer
Price: $19.99
Free Version: 14 days trial version
This software might be on the last but it is also one of the best volume boosting software for your laptop. Indeed, it helps in enhancing the audio as the name implies. It supports various effects like Amplify, Vibrato, Equalizes, Reverb, and Chorus. Moreover, it also users to use different modes like Graphic, Parametric, and Visual.

The best part I loved about this software is that it contains 20 bands which makes it a smart equalizer.
I hope this blog helps you to find your free favorite sound booster software for your laptop. Share your pick from the list via the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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