Best Password Managers for Android

5 Best Password Managers for Android

The so becoming popular password managers are revolving in everyone’s phones these days. And why not? After all, they are making your phone much less vulnerable to thefts and data stealing. Password managers can easily keep all the passwords in one place very safely so that you don’t have to remember the passwords without the need to remember them. Now that there are so many password managers for android out there, it is important to find which one is the best password manager for you.

The best password managers for android are selected on the basis of parameters like:

  • The password shall give AES 256 protection and compatible two factor authentication for security.
  • It must be very easy to use and user friendly so that all the features are accessible to everyone in the easiest manner possible.
  • It must give you value for money along with all the additional features which are expected from a good password manager. 
  • It is necessary that the creator of password manager provides customer support as well as valuable assistance that may be required while using the product.

Here is the list of password managers that can make the world a better place for you and save you from any unnecessary blockage.

Best Password Managers For Android


This password manager by Tweaking Technologies is just perfect for every android user as it possesses a very simple and neat interface, to begin with. Even if you are not an experienced user, this application will just guide you through. With this, you can import passwords from browsers while saving the credentials and login ids from multiple browsers that you use in your phone. 

The data security it provides is top notch quality so that the passwords remain hidden from all kinds of online or offline threats. TweakPass also allows you to create complex and strong passwords within a few taps and can be put on to secure all the other passwords tight. It even provides fingerprint locking for protection of sensitive data. A must to use password manager for android!


A very popular password manager app for android, this app is capable of automatically replacing weak passwords with strong ones on over 300 websites. Apart from password management, you get to enjoy VPN services in order to access any server around the world so that geo-restricted streaming content can be accessed along. 

It even provides 1GB of storage which is secured and can even be shared with other Dashlane users. Having a strong two factor authentication, it can verify your identity with a secure one time password, USB key or fingerprint scan. 


A secure and easy-to-use password manager, Keeper is unique in encrypting messages and offers a ton of encrypted storage. It not only protects your passwords but also conversations and user data along with numerous additional features. White it offers 10 to 100 GB of storage space, it is much more capable than its competitors in this particular term.

You can notice two factor authentication here as well keeping a check on the security through biometric scanning. It even possesses a tool that notices dark web and hacking databases for account breaches. All the notifications based on breaches reach you within a second of any breach.


1Power comes with a great and powerful interface and is helpful in providing layers of security for passwords. It acts as a watchtower with breach monitoring and password auditing tools to scan the dark web for data breaches. If some password needs to be changed, it instantly notifies you.

There is a two-factor authentication that makes it easy for you to authenticate the same for compatible logins. In fact, it even syncs with other apps and USB authenticators for improved vault security. You can even temporarily remove specific logins in order to protect sensitive information from data breaches. This is considered as the best option for sharing passwords, notes, and other financial information required.


Known for its exceptional capacity of auto filling passwords, RoboForm is another best secure password manager of all time. It provides you templates for every single location including passports, credit cards, vehicle registration forms, etc. It can once again sync up with other applications for two factor authentication.

Moreover, you can get your other passwords checked if they are weak, reused or just duplicates of others. With this, you can sync bookmarks on any device so that any of your favorite devices could be accessed. 


We believe that you have already found one of the best password managers for yourself here. If you ask us, TweakPass is definitely our first choice considering the ease of use, importing passwords from browsers as well as autofilling of credentials as soon as you open a website. Which one would you choose and why? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below. 

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