11 Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted In A Relationship

11 Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted In A Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is hard and complicated. Sometimes, our partner takes care of us like we are everything to them. And sometimes, they don’t even have time to look at us. It really does not matter whether they were busy or not. A relationship never works like this right? We need to balance our relationship! We need care, love, intimacy, respect, and understanding to have a good and balanced relationship. But sometimes, we feel like we are not getting the attention we need. Do you also feel the same thing?

Do you also feel that something is missing in your relationship? Do you think your partner respects you in the same way you do? If you feel the same in your relationship, I think you must look for the signs that tell you’re being taken for granted.

In this blog, I have enlisted 11 signs that show you’re being taken for granted. This blog will help in identifying if your relationship is healthy or not. Additionally, do not miss the takeaway section.

11 Signs you’re Being Taken for Granted

1. They don’t treat you with respect.

The most important factor to maintain a relationship in a healthy way is respect. And, it should be two-sided. The fact is that things never work one-sided. Regardless, of age, color, finances, and everything, we must treat our partner with respect.

2. They don’t get involved in your life and don’t involve you as well.

If your partner does not get involved in your personal life or professional life, it clearly shows that they are not interested. And additionally, if they don’t allow you to involve in their life as well, it is a red flag that shows you’re being taken for granted in your relationship.

3. They don’t like being responsible.

It’s a fact that responsibilities come slowly and people learn slowly how to take responsibilities. If your relationship is new, you must give your relationship or your partner some time to understand responsibilities. If you guys are dating exclusively and still have no participation, you must try to have a quick conversation about it.

4. They don’t put the efforts in maintaining relationship.

If they are not into you or take you for granted, they will surely not entertain themselves in putting efforts in maintaining the relationship with you. I might be saying it directly, but it’s the truth that we all need to recognize to get out of the toxic relationship.

5. They are not faithful.

If your partner cheated on you in the past, it is very clear that they were not into you. It might also happen that they are not into you right now and may have taken you for granted. Now, the immediate solution is to get out of this toxic relationship and love yourself.

6. They are the reason behind your reduced self-esteem.

If you currently are suffering with reduced self-esteem, it might be very clear that they are the reason behind that. If you have never felt this way before, just ask yourself, if your partner can be of any help or if they are going to just increase the problems more.

7. They manipulate you.

This sign is directly related with reduced low-esteem. If you also find yourself emotionally manipulated by them, you might have to consider again if they are really a right match for you. Does not matter if their manipulating tricks are small or big, you might want to consider again before it gets worse.

8. They don’t have any physical intimacy towards you.

Reduced physical intimacy is one of the major sign that shows they have taken you for granted. If they are also not available for physical intimacy, it clearly shows that they are not into you and your relationship is not healthy for your mental health.

9. You are not their priority.

They want you to prioritize everything for them… but do they do same for you? If they don’t prioritize your needs, emotions, or feelings, it clearly shows that they take you for granted and you must start prioritizing your needs first before them.

10. They never show their feelings or emotions.

If they don’t discuss about their feelings or emotions, it clearly states they are hiding something and they don’t feel like you will understand them. Additionally, if they also disregard your feelings on a regular basis, it clearly shows that you’re being taken for granted.

11. They don’t listen to your needs.

Fulfilling emotional needs is the major part of a relationship and if they are not fulfilling it, it clearly shows that they are not into you or may have taken you for granted. The only solution is to have an effective conversation with them about it.


If you think that above-mentioned signs match up with your current relationship, you might be having a toxic or unhealthy relationship. Having a relationship without no respect or boundaries is not good for your mental health. Therefore, we suggest you to get to either work on your relationship mutually or get out of a toxic relationship for your mental health. You can also consider couples therapy or individual therapy for seeking relationship advice.

I hope this blog helps you with identifying that you’re taken for granted in your relationship or not.

Thanks for reading!

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