choosing a right commercial electrical contractor

5 Basics of choosing a right commercial electrical contractor

Are you remodelling your entire office space or just getting the lighting retrofit? In both cases you need a competent electrical contractor to get the work done in the proper way. Electric current is a potential hazard. You cannot afford to be careless with it. In untoward incidents electric current triggers cases of accidental fire that not only damages your property but can also claim your life as well as that of your near and dear ones. In order to ensure your property as well as your family and employees are safe you have no other option but to hire a skilled and dedicated electrician.

A licensed electrical contractor is your best bet to ensure your business space is safe from unexpected electrical hazards. Electrical works at commercial spaces is completely different from that in domestic or residential properties. In order to carry out electrical works in a commercial property one requires not only specific skills and hands-on experience but also the right tools and equipment. Hiring a commercial contractor to carry out electrical works i8n office spaces not only makes your life easier but also saves you from the pinch in the pocket. In other words hiring commercial contractors to carry out electrical works at office or business spaces saves you money.  

When you hire the right contractor for your job you care assured about the following:

  • Absolutely safe electrical system in your business or commercial premise
  • Your electrical system is completely in compliance with the code

It is important to remember that a safe electrical system keep[s any business up and running. Now let us explore few tips to recognise a right electrical contractor easily.

Recommendations are crucial

As an entrepreneur it is obvious that you interact with other companies and people on a regular basis. Leverage the power of your network and ask them for recommendations. You can ask for recommendations even to your friends and family members outside the professional circle. Make sure to learn about the scope of those recommended tradesmen. Categorically know about the satisfaction level the professionals delivered. As a different approach you can also visit the neighbourhood electrical hardware store and enquire about their opinion about the contractors operating across the area. Chances are high these stores have shortlist of the professionals that they recommend their customers whenever required.

While choosing a contractor for your electrical works make sure you hire someone who does a thorough check on backgrounds of his or her staffs. The contractor himself will not perform all the tasks with his own hands. Rather he hired people to work for him. And obviously you want to feel safe and secured with the people he sends to complete the tasks in your office.

Experiences in handling commercial projects

As it has already been mentioned above, commercial electrical projects are completely different from domestic or residential ones. There is absolutely no point in risking the electrical system in your office by hiring inexperienced and poorly trained electricians. Thus the electrical contractor you hire must possess sound experience in handling commercial projects. It is vital for you to be certain that the contractor provides knowledgeable and skilful workers who can handle your commercial electrical project smoothly.  You can even seek the local building department or local groups, help you evaluate the quality of work and service those contractors are capable to provide.

Warranty and guarantee

A credible electrical contractor will never hesitate walking the extra mile to provide customers with the best possible service. Keeping this in mind your priority must be hiring those who take a pride in the service they provide. Companies that take a pride in their service usually offer guarantees and warranties. Guarantees and warranties prove their efficiency, workmanship, professionalism and mastery over the skills. Electrical contractors who offer guarantees and warranties on their work are certainly much better than those who do not provide.

Know the estimate

There are irresponsible and unscrupulous electricians who demand more money through inflated charges, biased costing and drawn-out time frames. Hidden fees inflate the billing figures beyond the practical expectations. There is just no point going overboard and turning into a spendthrift in getting an electrical work done. After all money does not grow on trees for any businessman! Any responsible contractor will never do such things to his clients. Ask them for a written quotation. It must contain all the insignificant breakups to ensure greater clarity on your part.

This will give you a practical idea of how much the work will cost so that there is surprise waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Project deadline

The electrical project in your office must have a fixed deadline. The electrical system has to be up and running for the sake of your business and thus the project deadline is just as crucial as its cost. Competent contractors tackle projects efficiently while working with diligence. They also guarantee a time frame even before laying their hands on the project. As electricity is potential hazard, it is better to hire contractors who provide electrical service.

Licensing and valid insurance policies

Remember the saying, ‘you get what you paid for’. Never ever hire the contractor who submitted the lowest bid. That way you do not end up saving money. Rather you compromise with the quality of work and eventually end up spending more to get the work properly done. This is where the aspect of licensing and insurance becomes relevant.

Competent commercial electrical contractors in London invariably have their licenses as well as are covered by valid insurance policies. Both these are required by law. Licensing and insurance ensure they are covered financially in case any untoward incident occurs resulting to injuries and damages while working on your project. In other words there is no liability placed on your shoulders and you do not need paying compensation out of your own pocket. Electricity is potentially hazardous and an accident may occur any time while executing the electrical work in your office. Moreover, bonds are just another form of insurance. In case they abandon work before completing the project their bond will provide you the financial coverage.

You should hire electrical contractors based on these points to ensure value for money.

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