ALL Aboard for CHAOS, Voyage of Despair – Call of Duty

ALL Aboard for CHAOS, Voyage of Despair - Call of Duty

Voyage of Despair

“Voyage of Despair” may be enjoyed at any level of Zombies ability — with breathtaking visuals, enticing mechanics, alternative history and a thrilling race for survival. 

It is here where a valuable artifact from a mysterious society is the hidden connection between our heroes and Alistair Rhodes’ whereabouts. 

But What about the Iceberg? 

At “Voyage of Despair,” glaciers are the least of our concerns. It appears that everybody aboard the RMS Titanic — guests, servants, employees — are mutated into red-eyed, groaning and powerful zombies. 

These zombies are fast and bloodthirsty, which makes them difficult to defeat in the narrow corners and passages of the Titanic, particularly in higher rounds. Take advantage of shortcuts between chambers for a fast escape: search for where dropped debris generates ramps between dining rooms, hallways, and lounges. 

However, it’s not only the zombie staff and undead diners you need to prevent. As you advance through the rounds, special zombies like Stoker, the gigantic, mace-wielding mini-boss, prove harder and tougher to overcome.  

ALL Aboard for CHAOS, Voyage of Despair - Call of Duty

But these are not the only adversaries you will need to beat. Say hello to the Blightfather, a spiked monstrosity that’s half-spider and half-nightmare, which appears to thwart Scarlett’s group if they advance too far. This scourge of the Chaos storyline has to be carefully and strategically removed if Scarlett is to succeed in her quest — but luckily, a little strategy and a good loadout go a long way. 

Doors, Weapons & Talismans 

To unlock the keys of their assignment, the Chaos heroes should not just conquer exceptional zombies as they spawn but also physically unlock doorways throughout the boat — achieved by trading points out of zombie kills for entry to the deep center of the Titanic. This needs a little bit of budgeting in regards to points because Weapon Wall-Buys and Mystery Boxes also cost you. 

To maximize your points, you are able to reconstruct barriers around the map for extra points, which will also slow down inputting zombies. But also, consider experimenting with different Talisman consumables that can help give you an upper hand in the conflict. Talismans like “Dimensional Pocket” provide the consumer an extra frag grenade. Or, try out the Talisman” Major Token of Superiority,” that enables you to start the game with an Assault Rifle for added firepower straight away. 

Plus, every Chaos character can choose a Special Weapon to wield for the entire match. Every Weapon has 3 levels of devastating power, which players can achieve by simply racking up enough zombie kills. 

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