American rapper T-Pain accused of copying Arijit Singh’s tune from Aashiqui 2

American rapper T-Pain accused of copying Arijit Singh's tune from Aashiqui 2

American rapper T-Pain accused of copying the song of Arijit Singh from Aashiqui 2  

American rapper T-Pain was accused of raising a song. The rapper track features a melody which seems like the popular Hindi song Tum Hi Ho from the film Aashiqui 2. The tune was unmissable. 

Shortly after, the composer of the song, Mithun Sharma, said they would check into the situation. “Sir, the melody that you have used on your new song is my first work to get a previously released Hindi film..The Label is looking into this,” read his tweet. While the song has been removed from YouTube, it is still accessible on T-Pain’s unique release tweet. 

Considering that the rapper shared with his most recent class, a recurring tune sounding like the Hindi trail captured the attention of raising the song of those netizens who accused. 

The tune is originally sung by singer Arijit Singh and is in the film”Aashiqui two”. 

Adhering to the hullabaloo Mithun Sharma, online that the composer of the song commented that the song that Pain claimed to be his, seemed like Mithun’s job. He said that”the song which you’ve used on your new song is my very first work for a previously released Hindi film..the Label is looking to this.” Read his conversation. 

The tune was eliminated from YouTube. T-Pain’s tweet which had the song was removed from his Twitter after the matter caught press’s attention handle. 

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