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Movie/album: Notebook (2019) 

Singers: Asees Kaur, Vishal Mishra 

Song Lyricists: Akshay Tripathi 

Music Composer: Vishal Mishra 

Music Director: Vishal Mishra 

Director: Nitin Kakkar 

Music Label: T-Series 

Starring: Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl, Mir Sarwar 

Release on: 29th March, 2019 

Nai Lagda Song Lyrics  

Palkon pe oss sa tera naam saja ke 

Rakhta hun tujhe yaar main khwab bana ke 

Har qisse pe har panne pe tujhko padhta hai 

Phirta rehta hai pagal sa bas ye kehta hai 

Ki tujh bin…. 


Ki tujh bin nai lagda jee nahi lagda 

Haaye nahi lagda jee nai lagda haaye 

Nahi lagda jee mera mahiya 

Ki tujh bin nai lagda jee nahi lagda 

Haaye nahi lagda jee nai lagda haaye 

Nahi lagda jee mera mahiya 


Kaisi duaayein kaisi ye sadayein 

Dil kyun tumhara sunta hi nahi 

Tujhko bulayein tujhko hi chaahe 

Dil ye kyun mera rukta hi nahi 

Ki mera har lamha mera ek hissa ban jaana 

Meri khwahish jo bhi saari poori kar jaana 


Ki tujh bin nai lagda jee nahi lagda 

Haaye nahi lagda jee nai lagda haaye 

Nahi lagda jee mera mahiya 

Ki tujh bin mera nai lagda jee nahi lagda 

Haaye nahi lagda jee nai lagda haaye 

Nahi lagda jee mera mahiya.. 

Notebook is a story of a man and a woman who fall in love without even knowing or seeing each other and the very first song from the film conveys that atmosphere. In Notebook tune Nai Lagda, this film – Pranutan and Zaheer Iqbal’s stars – kindly express their love for one another from the Kashmir that is scenic. In Notebook, Pranutan plays Firdaus was called by with a school teacher and afterward chooses marriage within the career she loves. Following Pranutan, Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) get named as the instructor of the faculty, where he finds an old laptop of Pranutan and after going through it, he eventually falls in love with her (although he never sees her). Kabir learns therefore and that Firdaus is getting married, he confesses his feelings on a notebook, which she later finds at the same school to Firdaus. She does not locate Kabir there, although going by trailer, it seems that Firdaus returns to the school. 

The video for “Nai Lagda” brilliantly captures the beauty of the Kashmir valley, the placing of the film’s story. Juxtaposing shots the song stands out for its music. 

The song’s camera function is its stage. Using soft focus, close-ups along with a grey tone, it provides a feeling of melancholy and isolation. The tune is sung and has been composed by Vishal MishrainAsees Kaur has also lent her voice. 

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