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John Abraham starrer RAW (Romeo Akbar Walter) has become a highly anticipated movie in a short length of time together with 20 million viewpoints for its own trailer! The movie’s very first track is an ode to the motherland, it’s a rendition of our national tune,’Vande Mataram’. The tune written & composed by Shabbir Ahmed, released on Times Music YouTube Channel and is sung by Sonu Nigam. 

Vande Mataram’ in Sonu Nigam and Ekta Kapoor’s mellifluous voice is a monitor about those heroes who put the interest of the nation. Ekta Kapoor is excited and delighted to sing her debut song! Shabbir Ahmed’s lyrics and thrilling music hit the nail right to all patriots on another level. 

The video is packed as the character, played by John waves goodbye to his mum with emotions. 

Vande Mataram is a phrase so close to each Indian’s heart. We wanted to instill the same feeling. And the last track genuinely leaves me really happy,” states John Abraham. 

Sonu Nigam said, “Romeo Akbar Walter is a tribute to the unsung heroes of India that serve the nation behind enemy lines and choose to forfeit their very existence for the nation. Vande Mataram for me is a song of reverence and has just the right number of feelings to tug at your patriotic chords.” 

Vande Mataram’s launch has been timed at 4:55 PM. 


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