Facebook Accidentally Removed Mark Zuckerberg’s Old Posts

Facebook Accidentally Removed Mark Zuckerberg's Old Posts

In a bizarre incident, social networking giant Facebook has said that it “wrongly deleted” CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s older posts, some of them dating back to 2007 and 2008. 

A spokesperson in the company reportedly said a lot of Zuckerberg’s old articles about Facebook can still be found on the company’s site and in its newsroom. 

“A couple of years ago some of Mark’s articles were deleted because of technical errors. The work necessary to restore them would have been extensive and not guaranteed to succeed so we didn’t do it,” CNET quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying on Friday. 

The spokesperson added that they did not understand how many total posts were deleted. 

The entire number of vanished posts could be significantly greater since the very essence of the issue makes it extremely tough to make a complete accounting of what precisely has gone missing over time. 

“All these disappearances, along with other changes Facebook has made to how it conserves its record of announcements and website articles, make it much harder to parse the societal network’s historic document. 

“making it much more difficult to hold the company, also Zuckerberg himself, even accountable to past statements — particularly during a period of intense scrutiny of the organization in the wake of a series of scandals,” the Business Insider said. 

Meanwhile, facing flak following the New Zealand terror assault which has been live-streamed on its platform, the social media giant is now exploring constraints on who can utilize its “Facebook Live” feature. 

Facebook came under pressure following a white guy live-streamed a terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch on Facebook Live. 


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