Logitech Wireless Mouse Lag

How Do I Fix My Logitech Wireless Mouse Lag Problem

Mouse latency is inconvenient and has an impact on our productivity. As a result, when the cursor/mouse slowdowns, stops, or pauses, the primary priority is to resolve the problem. This will not just increase production but it will also preserve time and will remove frustration.

You’ve come to the proper place if we comprehend what I’m stating and get this problem. We will focus on solving Logitech Mouse Lagging in this blog.

Situations in which mouse behavior is noticeable:

  • While playing video games.
  • Scrolling through a Word doc.
  • Delivering a PowerPoint-based presentation.
  • Double-clicking the web link or the program.

The Root Cause of Windows 11, 10 Mouse Lag

  • Drivers that are outdated
  • A driver patch that is incompatible
  • A faulty mouse battery
  • Other gadgets that are affecting with Mouse connection
  • The simplest and quickest approach to resolve this issue is to inspect the device (mouse) & batteries.

How To Resolve Mouse Lagging Problems in Windows 11 & 10

Solution 1- Steps for General Troubleshooting

To resolve the Logitech mouse lag issue, you must first address the fundamentals. Sometimes it’s only a battery problem that may be readily resolved. Here are a few preliminary measures you may take:

  • If you’re using a battery mouse, ensure sure it’s completely charged and the batteries is in good operating order. A mouse with a lower voltage produces glitches and slowness.
  • Check that the area is flat & clean.
  • Attach the mouse to a separate device to determine whether the issue is in the system or in the mouse.
  • If none of the following work, it appears that the mouse is useless, and you might explore buying new mouse or having it fixed.

Solution 2: Perform a mouse connection try.

Another thing you must ensure to prevent mouse latency is that your connection is reliable. Here is how you can check the mouse connection:

For the wired mouse

Examine the wire connector and ensure that it is inserted into the proper USB port. You may experiment with different USB ports.

For a wireless mouse

If the Access point/USB port is faulty, the mouse connectivity may become unstable, resulting in glitches & delays. To confirm that this is not the case, do the following steps:

  • Unplug, detach, and reinsert the mouse.
  • Connect to an alternative USB port if necessary.
  • Use USB connector & connect with each port to assist you discover the correct one.
  • Transfer the USB to a separate USB port on the computer.

Regarding Bluetooth mouse

Check that Bluetooth is switched on, that’s in reach, and that the connectivity is stable. You might try turning off Bluetooth & restoring the mouse connection. If it does not address the Logitech wireless mouse lag, proceed to the next remedy and solve Logitech wireless mouse lag.

Solution 3: Determine whether other gadgets are interfering.

There’s a chance that other devices near by mouse are trying to interfere with connectivity and blocking all the signal. To repair Logitech mouse lagging, we recommend relocating the adjacent devices to a new position and then try to establish the connection of the mouse.

Solution 4: Reinstall or uninstall Logitech software.

Logitech consumers may configure the settings of the device using Logitech software. Nevertheless, the Logitech program might occasionally cause problems. To resolve the Logitech mouse lagging Windows 10 issue, you may try either reinstalling or uninstalling the Logitech application.

Logitech software is available for a variety of products; make sure to download only the real one that matches the Logitech mouse you’re using.

Solution 5: Reinstall or update mouse driver.

A Logitech mouse stuttering occurs when the driver is corrupt. To resolve this problem, try upgrading the driver. It is done by both methods manually and automatically. Whereas the manual technique is time-taking and risky, the automatic way is simple & convenient. If you wish to automatically update outdated drivers, then use Advanced Driver Updater, the finest software for updating obsolete drivers.

Logitech mouse drivers may be manually updated or replaced using Device Manager. Take the following steps to access Device Manager & then update the drivers:

1. Press Windows key + X and then select Device Manager.

2. Open Mice and other pointing devices with a double click

3. Right-click the Logitech mouse and select Update driver.

4. Now you will have two choices. Select Search for drivers automatically. Allow Windows to search for updates.

5. Restart the computer and check that the mouse works.

Automatic Driver Update –  To automatically update Logitech mouse driver use Advanced Driver Updater.

Advanced Driver Updater recognises system & device information automatically. There is no need for you to know every details of the system to setup Advanced Driver Updater. The utility will identify all of the details immediately, saving you from installing erroneous driver updates.

You may either use the FREE version or PRO version of Advanced Driver Updater to replace the corrupt/missing mouse driver. However in  Pro version enables you to update all outdated drivers in one click but  if you use the free trial, then you are required to update each driver individually. The registered software also includes a 60-day money-back assurance and technical assistance.

Working of Advanced Driver Updater.

1. Get Advanced Driver Updater & install it by clicking on the lionk below..

Download Link

2. Launch Advanced Driver Updater & select the Scan Now option. Allow Advanced Driver Updater to check the PC for faulty drivers.

ADU start scan

3. Examines scan findings and updates mouse driver. Update all corrupt/outdated drivers in a single click if you have registered version. Click by choosing the Update All option.

Adu update all driver

4. Restart the computer after upgrading the driver to effect the changes.


Whenever the driver for a Logitech mouse becomes outdated/corrupt or if you face connectivity problems, the mouse begins to malfunction. The best approach to solve it is by regularly update outdated drivers. Apart from this double-check the cable and battery in the situation of a magic mouse.

We hope that the information is useful to you. For you I f manually upgrading the driver takes too long, we recommend attempting Advanced Driver Updater. It is a powerful driver updating software that will assist you in simply updating drivers & avoid possible driver-related troubles.

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