Free Online Courses with Certificates of Completion

Free Online Courses with Certificates of Completion

Researching online classes with certificates of completion can open up a whole new world of educational and career opportunities. In the end, broadening your knowledge base and expanding your skills will always serve you well. You can punch up your resume to make yourself attractive to employers or develop skills which will help you be more effective in your job; there isn’t much downside if you don’t need to spend any money doing it. 

MOOCs (enormous open online courses) are college-level classes which are published on the internet and are accessible to anyone in the world for free; many have a certificate of completion which you can put on your resume or share on social media. MOOCs offer an exceptional chance to learn from industry experts. And they are a growing trend in education: for a minimum of one MOOC, 58 million people around the world signed up In 2016 up from 35 million in 2015.1 

However, the large three English-language MOOC providers (Coursera, Udacity, and edX) have transferred into a model of offering the real courses for free, but charging a fee (generally ranging from $30 to $100) if you want to receive a certificate of completion. In some cases, you’ve got to pay the fee in order to complete exams or get the course materials that are complete. 

But there are plenty of classes that don’t cost you a dime and come with a certificate of completion. We’ve compiled a list of examples below, along with some suggestions on the way online certifications can boost your career prospects and how best to take advantage of free internet training. 

  • 3 ways to get the most value out of free training 
  • 6 companies that offer free online courses with certificates of completion 
  • Online courses that you can take at no cost and earn a certificate of completion in: 
  • Business and management 
  • Computer science 
  • Communication 
  • Science 
  • Education 
  • Social sciences 
  • Art and music 
  • How free certifications can help your career 

3 Ways to Get the Most Value 

Obtaining free certifications online can improve your productivity and make you a more valuable employee, but because they’re free doesn’t mean that they do not require any effort. Here are a Couple of tips on How Best to maximize the advantages of online training that is free: 

  1. Choose wisely

Do a little investigating to ensure that you want to learn all the program is teaching. Dropping from a free class is simple (and most do: only about 4% of people who sign up for MOOCs really complete them2), but it could negatively impact your motivation to learn. Find a path that suits you on a topic that you wish to learn more about. A number of the most useful courses offer you project-based work that will provide you something tangible (besides your own certificate) which you are able to demonstrate an employer to demonstrate your proficiency. 

  1. Pace yourself

By taking one course at a time boost your odds of succeeding. You do not want to exhaust your resources. You need to be realistic about what you could fit in your lifestyle: A course may be a fit that is better compared to one. Be sure when you can do the work, that you plan out –perhaps you read class materials only or could watch videos through your morning bus ride. See you don’t overschedule yourself. 

  1. Commit to the process

It requires mental discipline to keep going with a course when your interest wanes or your own lifestyle becomes hectic. Attempt to refocus on what skills you would like to acquire and why you wanted to take the path in the first location, should you discover your motivation sagging. Practicing good time-management skills can go a long way toward maintaining your excitement level high and lowering your anxiety.  

6 Companies That Offer Free Online Courses with Certificates of Completion 

  • It’s easy to find businesses which provide courses that are free; it is a little trickier to find. Listed below are 
  •–This website lets you take as many first-year school classes as you want without paying any tuition, submitting a program, or taking entrance examinations. Plus, you can find a certified transcript. And the website has direct relationships with colleges like Southern New Hampshire University and Ashworth College that enable you to use the classes for faculty in some specific associate and bachelor’s degree programs. 
  • Saylor Academy–Saylor is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that provides more than 70 free self-paced online courses in 17 distinct areas. Should you pass the final examination with a grade of at least 70 percent of a course, you make a certificate of completion. 
  •  Open2Study–According to Australia, Open2Study offers almost 50 classes in a broad range of areas. You get a certificate of completion if your average score for a course is 60 percent. 
  • Aquent Gymnasium–Aquent focuses on courses for creative, digital, and communications professionals. It offers nine free online classes on subjects like content development and web design. You get a free certificate of excellence if you score at least 85 percent on the exam. 
  • Oxford Home Study College–UK-based Oxford Home Study College offers 15 free courses that come with certificates of completion. Courses are focused on business direction, however, things like public relations and fashion designing are also offered. 
  • Stanford Online–This website hosts online courses taught by Stanford faculty. Some (but not all) are free and extend a Statement of Accomplishment to people who meet certain criteria, though those criteria vary from course to course. 

Free Online Courses in Business and Management 

Industry topics are a popular focus for classes that are the internet. You can discover how to conduct business, handle employees and procedures, and design advertising campaigns, all without spending a dime. Here are some examples of online classes with certificates of completion in business and management: 

  1. Supply Chain Management

Learn how to deal with the logistics of getting a product from manufacturers to deliver solutions to stores and finally to consumers. You’ll focus on the mechanics of sourcing operations’ process and a working supply chain. This course takes 80 hours to finish, may be initiated at any moment, and may be performed from any place in the world at your own pace. 

  1. Event Management

 Festivals, weddings, and parties all rely on the expertise of an event manager to handle the details and make sure things go off without a hitch. This course teaches the essentials of event development together with strategies for event marketing. The course is designed to be 80 hours, and no experience is required. 

Offered by: Oxford Home Study College 

  1. Entrepreneurship and Family Business 

Learn more about the critical elements that are essential to an entrepreneur’s achievement. Topics include leadership characteristics, ethics, funding strategies, business plans, and managing both household and non-family workers. This class takes two to four hours of research (which includes seeing videos and carrying examinations) per week for four months. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. Sports and Recreation Management

Discover the roles within the sport and recreation industry, develop leadership abilities, and find out how to program and produce fitness a sport, or diversion session focused on your clients’ needs. This course runs for four months and comprises around three hours of videos; you should expect to spend anywhere from two to four hours reviewing class material. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. Business Law and Ethics

Research ethical criteria and the laws that businesses must abide by. This course takes about 133 hours to complete and covers matters like dispute resolution, torts, contracts, property law, and business integrity. Through it, you’ll develop a solid understanding of the legal framework that protects companies and consumers. 

Offered by: Saylor Academy 

  1. Basics of Marketing

Get a comprehensive introduction to the art and science of buying product. This course will teach you how to place a product, conduct marketing research, think about the effect of competition, and create choices that are great. You’ll also learn how to launch a marketing campaign. The whole course takes about 95 hours to complete. 

Offered by: Saylor Academy 

Free Online Courses in Computer Science 

Free internet classes can be found a vast assortment of computer-related subjects, ranging from web design and cyber security to computer design and game development. Listed below are just a few examples of online courses that are free in science: 

  1. Intro to Computer Science

Learn the fundamental concepts of computing and computers. A beginner class intended for students with no programming experience, this class gives an introduction to object-oriented programming, software development, the fundamentals of Java procedures, and arrays. Completing all course components requires about 95 hours. 

Offered by: Saylor Academy 

  1. Responsive Web Design

Look great. With coding experience, designed for web designers in addition to front-end developers, this course covers topics like utilizing CSS media queries, creating layouts that include fluid and typography media, and designing with grids. From the end of the program, you will have built a website that is responsive. 

  1. User Experience for your Internet

Get an overview of the principles of user experience for the internet world. Learn the value of understanding your customers, discover how to make sites accessible, and explore usability analysis techniques like competitor analysis, usability testing, and walkthroughs. This self-paced course can be launched at any moment. 

  1. JavaScript and jQuery Survival Guide

This class uses coding examples and exercises to instruct best practices for altering or adding interactive elements to students. You’ll learn how the JavaScript console fits into the backend net development process and how it may be used to debug problems. You’ll need basic-to-intermediate experience with HTML and CSS; knowing the basics of JavaScript will be convenient. 

Offered by: Aquent Gymnasium 

  1. Computer Architecture

Study the intricate connections between applications and hardware. Lessons cover a number of important features in computer architecture, such as chip arithmetic, pipelining, memory control, and storage. Expect on completing this course to spend 109 hours. You will need to be a programmer with experience in a language such as C or C++. 

  1. Concepts in Game Development

Learn about the relationship between player experience, equilibrium, and game design. This course explores artificial intelligence techniques that can direct the behavior of game characters and looks at graphs and data structures that represent game worlds. Some programming experience is helpful, but not required. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

Free Online Courses in Communication 

People who work with the written or spoken word could easily train online. Classes cover topics like writing to your web and talking in front of a crowd. Check out this listing of online courses with certificates of completion in communicating: 

  1. Writing for Mobile and Internet

Use data from resources like Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner to assist you to write compelling content your customers would like to read. This class will show you how to craft content that is effective for email messages, blog articles, and more. Google Drive or A Google Analytics accounts is recommended, but not required. 

Offered by: Aquent Gymnasium 

  1. Public Speaking

Inspect the elements and variables that go into a successful speech. This course looks at the audience the importance of adhering analysis techniques, and how you can train yourself to talk. You find out how to build persuasive and informative speeches and may identify effective speaking techniques. The 15 units must take roughly 92 hours in total to complete. 

  1. Public Relations

Do you understand the differences between advertising, public relations, and promotion? This class will teach you about the role of public opinion in business success and the importance of reputation management. You’ll learn about different PR tools and find a broad summary of public relations generally. No experience is needed, and you can start at any moment. 

Free Online Courses in Science 

An enormous range of free online courses is accessible to those with a thirst for understanding that is scientific. Wish to find out about life in the sea depths? Explore the body’s workings? Do robots move? No issue. Here are some examples of free online classes with certificates of completion in science: 

  1. Marine and Antarctic Science

Check this course out if you’re fascinated by life below the sea. You will learn about the essential features of our oceans, research humans’ effect on marine systems, and discuss ecosystems managed and can be tracked. This class is self-paced and includes five hours of videos; aim to spend about two to four hours each week on coursework. 

  1. Climate Change

Explore the consequences of climate change. This class looks at how the changing climate is affecting ecosystems, our species, coastlines, food distribution, economy, and more. Figure out the timing of solutions is critical, and learn what kind of influence emission reduction solutions that are different have experienced. This course runs for four weeks; expect to spend at least two or three hours reviewing course materials. 

  1. Knowing Common Diseases

Discover how diseases like hypertension, diabetes, eczema, and the cold influence the body. This class will clarify the performance of the body systems, including the gastrointestinal tract, the cardiovascular system, and the lymph nodes. You are going to learn what you could do to manage your health and how the disease affects bodywork. 

  1. Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

Get a comprehensive introduction into the structure and function of biological macromolecules and cellular components. This class will teach you about nucleic acids, and carbohydrates, proteins, lipids; you’ll also find out about mitosis and meiosis, genetics, and cellular metabolism. There are 10 units in this course; completing them takes about 80 hours. 

  1. Chemistry: Building Blocks of the Planet

Discover how atoms go to make the majority of the stuff we use daily. You may discover how different thing is created, analyze common chemical reactions, and delve deep into its structure and the table. This introductory course runs for four weeks. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. Introduction to Electromagnetism

Explore waves and oscillations in objects and learn about the laws which govern magnetism and static electricity. Optics is also covered by this class and provides a brief summary of Einstein’s theory of special relativity. The student takes about 97 hours to finish all units within this course. A basic comprehension of calculus and timeless mechanisms is needed. 

Offered by: Saylor Academy 

  1. Agriculture and the World We Live In

Examine agriculture’s role in feeding the planet. You may discover how soils, climate, and fertilizers affect the way people farm and explore the arguments for and against. This course will introduce you to the technology which is transforming the sustainability issues and agriculture that contemporary farmers face. The four components of this course are spread over four months. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. Mobile Robotics

 Are you aware of how robots make conclusions? This class will teach you that robots move and the way in which they follow directions in order to function. You will learn how to design, implement, and troubleshoot a system that is robotic, and even build your very own mobile robot. 

 Offered by: Open2Study 

Free Online Courses in Education 

The education field lends itself to online instruction. Whether you want to understand how to teach toddlers or engage adults, you can enlarge your skills without spending a penny. Check out these free online lessons with certificates of completion in education: 

  1. Early Childhood Education

Step into the world of this set. Explore the stages of child growth, the significance of play in early learning, and how caregivers can encourage the unique needs of every child. You are going to learn how early childhood educators can provide positive forms of advice that is behavioral, and taking risks is vital for a child’s learning. This course runs for four months. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. Education in a Changing World

See how education has changed more than society redefines abilities, the knowledge, and values it considers significant. This course looks at how understandings of the transition from youth to maturity have changed and how education has been shaped by these understandings. You’ll also examine how literacy is shifting because of globalization and the information revolution. 

  1. Teaching Adult Learners

Develop teaching skills and strategies that create a secure and accountable learning environment for mature students. You will examine the role engineering plays in the learning environment and identify key components of the effective instructional design. This really is. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

Free Online Courses from the Social Sciences 

If your interests run into regions like science, psychology, or economics, then you can broaden your knowledge base through classes which don’t cost something. Listed below are a Couple of online courses with certificates of completion in the social sciences: 

  1. Introduction to Western Political Thought

By Plato to Rousseau, this course examines figures and the major texts from the history of thought. Topics include electricity, justice, law, rights, and other issues relating to political science. You will find out different views of human character inform the plan of government and the connection between the state and the citizen. This course requires about 134 hours to complete. 

  1. Foundations of Psychology

Study the biological framework for both human behavior and the way psychologists know and diagnose mental health issues such as mood and anxiety disorders. Discover how people deal with anxiety when anxiety levels get too high and how the body responds. This beginner class lays a foundation for further research in psychology. 

  1. Principles of Microeconomics

Analyze after assessing trade-offs, expenses, and assets, the choices, and decisions individuals make to manage resources. Learn about producer and consumer behavior and the different kinds of markets and how they function. This course is made up of seven components which take approximately 83 hours to finish. 

Offered by: Saylor Academy 

Free Online Courses in Art and Music 

In the event the arts are your passion, you can probably find with no picking your pocket, an online course which will pique your curiosity. Here’s a sample of online courses with certificates of completion art and music: 

  1. Art Appreciation and Techniques

Designed for the student in the visual arts, this course examines methods utilized in idea, media, and the components and processes. You may explore their relations and visual art forms. From the conclusion of the program, you will be able to join proper features of art with expression and their meaning. 

  1. The Art of Photography

Learn practical skills to broaden your understanding of photography as visual art. This class will teach you the way to understand functions and the tools of image editing software, and how you can use key features in your camera to make compositions. You’ll also explore the work of contemporary artists. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

  1. World Music

Discover music traditions away from the normal day-to-day music observed on media. You will learn how to obey and analyze the elements of harmony, melody, rhythm, texture, and dynamics. Through this course, you will create an appreciation of different traditions as well as how they create an identity. 

Offered by: Open2Study 

How Free Certifications Can Help Your Career 

Obtaining free certifications online can confer real benefits: In a survey of people who had finished MOOCs, 72 percent reported livelihood benefits and 61 percent said they had received educational advantages as a consequence of taking their classes.2 

Completing courses and getting certifications shows a company that you’re motivated, disciplined, and curious. It shows that you are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. These are all things that can set you. Do not be afraid to record online courses on your resume or LinkedIn profile; they are excellent indicators of your driveway to learn new skills and add value to a company. 

Ultimately, what companies are really interested in is exactly what you could do–learning new things is great, but it’s what you do with your knowledge that matters. Some courses require you to complete some type of practical project, which can be very helpful when it comes to promoting yourself to an employer. But so long as you can talk about what you have heard and how your skills are relevant to jobs, free certificates can be a boon to your career development. 

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