Google Duo coming to desktop soon, to succeed Hangouts?

Google Duo coming to desktop soon, to succeed Hangouts?

Google is set to expand its services for internet users of its video chat app Duo in the coming months. 

“This development finally means a wider reach of devices that will access the growing service. 

Google Duo’s web edition would also work in other rival browsers as well as the Google Chrome browser like Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. “It is uncertain as of today just how much of the current performance from the cell version of Duo will be available on the internet at launch, but it is very likely to, at the very least, include fundamental Duo features like ‘knock knock’ as well as the capability to leave video messages,” the report added. 

The online giant has been introducing new features to the popular movie chat program from time to time using the latest being group calling, which is something the FaceTime of Apple supports for up to 32 users at once. 

The group calling a tool of Google Duo would support up to seven individuals at a time. Users will need to create a group together with the contacts they wish to video chat with on the platform and they can start a phone. 

The most recent report comes after Google announced it will shut down its Hangouts by end of this season. The user version, though, will be accessible for another few months before Google completely spans the service out. The company may simply replace the Hangouts with its new messaging application. 

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