How to Delete Similar Selfies to Free Up Space in your iPhone

Selfies have become a major part of our life. Almost all people of different ages are taking selfies. We take selfies alone and, in a group, every time we take a selfie, we take a couple of them so that we can get a great selfie. However, with all the selfies that we take, the main problem that arises is that many similar selfies are collected on our phones and take up unnecessary space. To clear up the space we can manually remove similar selfies or we can use a third-party program to remove the selfie. There are different similar picture remover programs available on the internet, however, only some of them are capable enough to remove similar selfies effectively.

Today we will use Similar Selfie Fixer developed by Systweak Software. Similar Selfie Fixer is one of the best similar selfie remover programs that will help you to remove similar selfies in a single click. By clearing similar selfies, you will recover lots of space on your iPhone and will improve its performance. With all the free space you can take more selfies and fill your device with anything you want.

What is Similar Selfie Fixer program?

Developed by Systweak Software, Similar Selfie Fixer is a great program that will help you to remove similar selfies from your device in a single click. It is an efficient program that will free up the space on your device by removing similar selfies.

After some time of usage of our smartphones, we all have noticed that space on it starts filling up and after some time our phone gets so filled up that we will be unable to take any more selfies or save anything on our device.

Similar Selfie Fixer does not take lots of space on your phone so it can be installed on a device that is low on space.

Similar Selfie Fixer is compatible with the iOS 8 and above Operating System.

Compatibility of the program: iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.

Similar Selfie Fixer is a simple application that can be installed for free. This software will help you to scan and find similar selfies and then you can remove them in a single click.

How to use Similar Selfie Fixer application?

Now do not worry about similar selfies taking up lots of space on your iPhone. Similar Selfie Fixer will help you to remove similar selfies easily:

Step 1: First install the application from the app store.


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Step 2: Now run the application and once prompted you have to provide the required permissions to access the photos.

Step 2: Now you will see the option to select a matching level. There are three matching levels in the program that will help you to scan similar pictures:

  1. Normal- It is recommended Matching level that will find the similar selfies from your device. This setting will help you to scan and find the selfies that are similar enough and once the similar pictures are found you can remove them is a single click.
  2. Aggressive- This setting will extend the similarity criteria. It is a more aggressive search option for finding similar pictures.

Custom- Using this setting you can change the scanning criteria according to our needs.

You can change these settings below:

  1. Bitmap size.
  2. Matching level
  3. GPS
  4. Time interval.

Custom settings

will help you to find a similar picture according to your needs.

Step 3: Once you have selected the setting you can you have to click on “Search Similar Selfies” to start the search for similar pictures.

The scan will start and this program will show you similar pictures on your device grouped together.

Step 4: Now once the duplicates are listed you can select similar pictures for the deletion.

You can manually checkmark the duplicates for the deletion or you can use the auto mark function for auto marking similar pictures for deletion.

Note: You won’t be able to select all the similar pictures in a group so that not all the pictures are deleted.

Step 5: Now click on the delete button for deleting the selected similar pictures.

That’s it, similar pictures on your iPhone will be deleted thus freeing up the space on your iPhone.

Similar Selfie fixer is a great program for removing similar selfies from your iPhone. It is a simple application that will help you to remove similar selfies in a single click.


We all have faced the program of having similar pictures on our iPhone and they take lots of unnecessary space on your iPhone. iPhones come with limited memory and once it gets filled the iPhone becomes slow. Therefore, to get out of this situation we are using a Similar Selfie Fixer that will help you to remove similar pictures from your iPhone with a single click.

Its simple user interface lets any user use the program and free up the space on their device. Also, with different settings, we can search for pictures according to their similarity. Once we are comfortable with the similar pictures found we can select similar pictures for deletion. We can either select similar pictures manually or we can use the auto mark function for auto-selecting similar pictures. Once similar pictures are selected we can delete them with a single click.

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