Message To Unknown Number: How To Send Message To An Unsaved Number

How do you send messages to an unsaved number or unknown number? We all generally use Whatsapp to send messages, but in order to send a message on Whatsapp to an unknown number; we have to first save the contact. What if you don’t wish to save the contact? What’s the other alternative?

In today’s blog, I have got you an alternative wherein you can actually send texts to an unknown number without even saving the contact in the contact list. The app’s name is “Message To Unknown Number.” A few days back, I got into some dilemma and had to send a text to an unknown number, so I scrolled through the Google Play Store and found this amazing app. I must say this app is a life savior app. Moreover, this app is also available for Apple users. Let’s read some basic features of this app in the next section.

Introduction to Message To Unknown Number

Product Reviewing: Message To Unknown Number 

Available for: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Ratings: 3.5

Last Update: 1 February 2021

Total Size: 2.9M

Developed By: Tweaking Technologies

Message To Unknown Number is an amazing app available for the Android platform as of now. This app is specially designed for the users to bypass Whatsapp regulations and send messages without even saving the contact of the receiver in the phone. Sadly, Whatsapp does not provide any official method to send texts to unknown numbers or unsaved numbers. Hence, the developers of this app created this app for the user’s safety and to pass this barrier of sending texts to unknown numbers with the related country code.

Overall, this app is easy to use and offers users to engage in one-time conversations with friends, relatives, colleagues, or clients within a few seconds. The best part I loved about this app is that you can also send messages in bulk after creating the chat. It means this app saves time too. Apart from sending messages, users can also share location, media files, or documents over Whatsapp without even saving the contact of the receivers. Moreover, this app is available for both Android and iOS at a free cost with no ads and no external permissions.

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Special Features of Message To Unknown Number

1. Requires Country Code

This app is pretty easy to work all you have to know is the country code of the receiver. Enter the country code and contact number and that’s it you will be able to send texts without any further demands. Moreover, you do not have to dial the number manually; you can also just simply copy and paste the whole contact.

2. Provides One-Step Action

The other thing I loved about this app is that this is a one-step action app. All you have to do is to enter or paste the contact directly to send it to the receiver. Moreover, you can also send messages in bulk. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Free with No Ads

This app is completely free to use and does not run any ads after downloading and launching in your phone. This means users have total freedom and can use this app freely without any ads and charges. I have seen so many paid apps on the platform but this app is something we all need to have on our phones.

4. No Permissions

It’s a bonus point that this app does not need and access permissions to your storage or contact in order to run. This means you get complete privacy and security while using this app.

5. Smooth Navigations

Message To Unknown Number is pretty smooth and easy to use for users. All you have to enter the country code and the contact number…that’s it. After this, you can easily send a text to unknown numbers without any hassle.

6. Lightweight

The actual size of the app after the update is 2.9MB which means it does not require much space on your phone and it hardly impacts the performance of your battery. This app is so lightweight that you can keep it for a long time without even having to remove it due to storage issues.

7. Dual OS Platforms

This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Using Message To Unknown Number

Below are the steps to use “Message To Unknown Number” on your phone:

  1. Download and Install the app on your device. If you have not downloaded it yet, you can download it from here.

Message To Unknown Number Android | Message To Unknown Number iOS 

  • Once you have launched the app on your phone, you will be guided with a tutorial on how to use this application efficiently.
  • After the guide, you will have to enter the country code along with the phone number wherein you wish to send the text.
  • After this, the app will direct you to the Whatsapp chat room.
  • Voila! That’s it…now you can send a message to an unknown number by simply typing or copy-pasting it from the clipboard.

I hope this review helps you to choose among the best app for sending Whatsapp messages without saving a number. If you loved the app, you can review it directly from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Thanks for reading!

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