How to Set Up a Mail Merge in Gmail for Personalized Mass Emails

How to Set Up a Mail Merge in Gmail for Personalized Mass Emails

Mail Merge for Gmail enables you to easily send customized messages to one or more email recipients. You are able to compose one draft email in Gmail, define the list of email recipients at a Google Spreadsheet along with the Mail Merge app will send customized emails to each of these addresses in one go. 

If you would like to send a personalized mass email, much like most firms’ marketing emails, making a mail merge is the simplest approach. Contrary to the antiquated mail merges of days past, you can do it in Gmail with half of the headache. 

Mail Merge is a favorite feature of Microsoft Outlook as well as with the help of Google Scripts, we can readily perform mail merge in Gmail, Google Inbox, Google Apps and G Suite account as well. 

Gmail Mail Merge is powerful and packed with useful features. You may insert different (specific) file attachments from Google Drive for each recipient, the mails can be written in plain text or text formatted in rich-text HTML along with also the email opens could be monitored so you’ll know if an email has been read. You can also schedule merges and send your emails later at your preferred date and hour. 

How to do Mail Merge in Gmail

A mail merge is when a template is merged using a database of data, like a listing of titles or other unique details. It is helpful for sending customized emails to multiple people quickly. Technology blog Digital Inspiration offers up a Gmail suggestion to have this done, using Gmail using Google Docs. First, create a contact number within Gmail that you would like to send the email blast to. Utilizing Google Docs, then create a copy of the spreadsheet in your account. 

Go to the Mail Merge tab at the top, near Assist. Click on “Import Gmail Contacts” and authorize Google Docs to access your Google Contacts. Proceed to the Mail Merge tab again, click the “Import Gmail Contacts” again and again type the name of the Gmail group that you created earlier. 

You can edit all the fields in green to your liking. Once you are satisfied, visit the Mail Merge tab once again, and then hit “Start Mail Merge.” Google Docs will send out your email and keep track of the status of every. 

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