HP laptop camera not working issue

How To Solve HP Laptop Camera Not Working Issue in Windows 10

All the jobs and educational institutions are using live conferencing tools. A laptop camera is essential for attending online meetings or classroom sessions through these tools. Most of us are using HP laptops because of their extreme level of performance. Sometimes your HP webcam software may crash due to the failure of the webcam driver. Tweaks essential for diagnosing HP webcam software for Windows have been investigated in this forum. We believe that these insights can assist you in making your conferencing visuals better.

Manual Methods for Fixing your HP Webcam Drivers on Windows

When your webcam is not working properly, you can manually diagnose the issue by tweaking the HP webcam software. Let us learn about the manual proceedings for tuning up your webcam.

Try Restarting Your Webcam

You can fix your webcam issue simply by restarting it. The tweaks necessary for doing this are as follows.

Method 1: Using Webcam Privacy Switch

Step 1: Locate the privacy switch off your webcam.

Step 2: Turn off the webcam by moving the switch toward the left.


Step 3: Move the switch to the original position to turn the webcam ON.

Method 2: Using Webcam Shutter Key

Alternatively, you can turn your webcam ON & OFF with the shutter key available. You can use the shutter key by doing the following steps.

Step 1: Locate the Webcam shutter key. It will be present along with the action keys.


Step 2: Press the webcam shutter key to turn your webcam OFF. In some laptops, you may need to press the Fn key and the webcam shutter key to close the webcam.

Step 3: Turn the webcam back to life by pressing the webcam shutter switch again.

Check Whether the Video or Capture Device is Selected Properly

Sometimes the default video and capturing device on your webcam software may be inappropriate. You have to choose the webcam as the source for your HP webcam software for Windows. The usual steps for selecting the video device in your webcam software are as follows.

Step 1: Access the webcam software that you are using.

Step 2: Select the preferences tab to get into the software settings.

Step 3: Search and locate your webcam in the list of capture devices available.

Reinstall HP Webcam Driver for Windows

You can diagnose your laptop camera issue by removing and installing the webcam software.

Step 1: Search for Add or Remove Program Settings in your Windows 10 laptop.

add or remove programs

Step 2: Go through the application list and identify the webcam software.

Step 3: Select the webcam tool and uninstall it.

Step 4: Reinstall the recent version of webcam software from the manufacturer’s website.

Keep Your Webcam Software Up to Date

Sometimes outdated webcam software can hamper the flawless performance of the webcam. The simple steps to update your webcam tool manually are as follows.

Step 1: Access the HP customer support website.

HP Software and drivers

Step 2: Open the software and driver downloads page.

Step 3: Choose the type of HP device you are using. You have to choose Laptop here.

Step 4: Input and submit the laptop model name or serial number to choose the right device.


Step 5: In the next tab, you must choose the operating system you are using. Here it is Windows 10.


Step 6: Choose the webcam driver from the software and driver list.

Step 7: Check whether an update is available for your webcam. Locate, download, and install the update.

Step 8: After updating, restart your system to get the changes into effect.

Automatic HP Webcam Drivers Download

If you don’t have the time to update your Webcam driver manually, you can opt for an automatic method. Trustworthy third-party tools can assist you in updating your device. We have more dedicated software available for updating your Webcam software. Choosing the best is crucial in updating your device tool efficiently. Advanced Driver Updater is one reliable tool that can update your Webcam Driver quickly. Let us check out the procedure for automatic updates.

advanced driver updater scan results

Advanced Driver Updater

You can keep your device drivers updated by using the Advanced Driver Updater Software. The tool can update your HP webcam software with ease. Advanced Driver Updater can provide you with a larger database of the latest driver updates to avail. The software is available as a free version with limited ability and a paid version with premium features. You can use this tool in all the latest versions of Windows.

advanced driver updater scan

Advanced Driver Updater Features

●            Can backup and update all your device drivers

●            Excellent ability to optimize your system performance

●            Capable of restoring working driver setup when the present update fails

●            Ability to fix webcam driver crash by installing genuine updates

●            Allows the user to schedule scanning for updates

●            Reliable driver update database

advanced driver updater scan results

Final Verdict

Webcams are an integral part of your HP laptop that can be useful in attending online meetings or conferences. A webcam crash is a serious issue to be addressed immediately. To provide you with insights for fixing your HP laptop camera not working issue. We believe that this post can assist you in diagnosing and fixing your webcam for any errors.

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