India vs Australia: Careless Rohit Sharma fails the Test, yet again

India vs Australia- Careless Rohit Sharma fails the Test, yet again

It’s not likely that Rohit Sharma would have known of John C Maxwell or his hugely successful book, ‘Talent Is Never Enough’. 

Had he cared to flip through the pages of this wonderful self-help book, Rohit could have done something instead of sitting to make the most of his talent. Maxwell maintains that although talent is vital for success, it’s never enough… that most successful people aren’t necessarily the most gifted and it is by using their view, initiative, focus, perseverance, and character that they can optimize their innate talent. 

Regrettably, Rohit seems happy to quantify his success in terms of his exploits in cricket. 

It is a shame because the grade of his natural ability has the cricket world salivating. You can hardly blame the selectors for going back again and again, hoping against hope that he has developed enough to focus and work hard on his game in order to scale new heights in Test cricket.  

As the Indian team management reposed faith in his innate talent time by picking him Rohit, once again, allow himself along with his group down with an outrageous shot which may only be the result of a brain-fade. 

In the process, he was able to stitch together a precious 45-run venture for the fifth wicket with Cheteshwar Pujara. 

But when the Australian bowlers were beginning to wilt under the scorching sun and the road forward for India looked smooth, Rohit went to get a wild slog-sweep away Nathan Lyon and was lucky to live since debutant Marcus Harris caught the ball on the midwicket boundary but failed to detain his momentum and carried the ball over the rope. Undeterred by the let-off, Rohit slog-swept Lyon delivery and ended up popping an easier catch up to Harris this moment. 

It turned out to be a shot that is pre-meditated which the senior pro must have shunned for his side’s greater good. One of them desired to understand that if the legendary Kapil Dev could have been dropped from the selectors in the Test team for enjoying with a shot against England in 1984-85 can’t Rohit be given punishment? It is lack of focus from rebuilding a Test career that has floundered after a dream debut against the West Indies at 2013 and psychological resolve that has prevented Rohit. 

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