Wansview Wireless Camera

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Wansview Wireless Camera

Wansview wireless camera is a surveillance camera that records video in high definition quality. One can keep an eye on it anywhere and anytime and it supports 2.4G. It offers communication with our friends and families, and Alexa because of inbuilt speakers and microphones. Wansview camera flashing blue indicates that the camera successfully connects to the router but the internet connection to the camera is not good and it tries to reconnect the internet connection. Wansview camera can rotate 320 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical to capture each and every movement.  A 10 seconds video has been sent to your phone with a notification if the camera detects any motion. Users can see this video in the Wansview cloud app. 4X digital zoom enables it to see details by zooming in the videos. It is very useful in crucial conditions such as crime, collecting evidence for investigations, etc.

Wansview Wireless Camera Setup

Wansview wireless camera setup can be done by the Wansview cloud app and connecting the camera to the router. Enable ONVIF feature and verification on the Wansview app. Users will see that username and password are automatically generated and it can be also changed. To add a Wansview 1080p camera on the blue iris, just click on the + button and enter the camera’s IP address. After entering the username and password, fill port on ONVIF, or the discovery port option will be seen. Now input the port and it will auto search the path after clicking on the inspecting option. Two cases will appear, it might be ch0 and ch1. Ch0 indicates different streams and it can be changed to ch1 as per requirements.

Others Ways To Setting Up Wansview Wireless Camera

Another way to set up the camera is via WiFi mode. Before executing the setup task, make sure that the router and camera are in the same room. Connect the adapter to the camera before plugging it into the power outlet. Add a camera option to the app by clicking the + icon and connect the device with 2.4G. Now select add camera via WiFi mode and scan QR code printed on the camera’s back. Hold the reset button for 5 to 7 seconds, it shows blue light flashes slowly. Enter The default username and password before naming the camera. Username and password can be changed anytime by the user. 2 beep sounds on the camera will indicate that the connection between the camera and wifi has been accomplished.

Key features of Wansview Wireless camera

Video Quality

Wansview wireless camera can record 1080p resolution in HD even in night mode. It can rotate 320 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically and 4X digital zoom to record video effectively.


It provides security to our homes, business, and organization. It also provides additional security from theft by sending alert notifications in the Wansview cloud app with motion detection features.


It comes with its own storage and can be extended by inserting a memory card in the slot so that the video can be replayed and saved on the app. It also supports cloud storage.


This camera comes with an in-built microphone and speaker feature which helps to listen to voices in videos and to communicate with others.


The design and build quality of the camera is good. It is weatherproof and can work even in rain and dust.

User Friendly and Connectivity

A user-friendly interface helps to do all other modifications on a camera like a reset, setup, etc just by using an app.

Battery life

Wansview camera app battery can last 7 to 8 months as it comes with two rechargeable batteries.


It may be available at your nearest offline stores and on digital platforms. You can easily get it from electronics shops also.


The price of this camera is very affordable as it is a wireless camera and doesn’t require any wired connection. The maintenance cost of this camera is also negligible.


1080p HD recording with great picture quality, wireless connection, app companion, and motion detection-like features in a very affordable price range attracts me to buy this product. The big disadvantage of this camera is that, In busy areas, it automatically triggers a motion detection feature and drains a lot of battery. Battery life should be extended. Night vision range is not up to mark. It is suitable only for indoor areas like home, business, etc. Overall it is a good product and buyers should go for it.

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