Koffee with Karan – Hardik Pandya Apologizes for Comments

Koffee with Karan - Hardik Pandya Apologizes for Comments

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul appeared on the latest episode of Karan Johar’s celebrity chat show Koffee with Karan where both cricketers opened about their customs and partying habits. 

Hardik Pandya came on the show with teammate and decent friend KL Rahul since Karan Johar hosted cricketers on the show for the first time in its own six-year history. 

Nevertheless, it had been Pandya’s comments which drew a lot of criticism on social media after he whined things like not requesting the names of girls at parties, sending the same text to multiple women and watching them go on the dance amongst others. 

Pandya later took to social media to apologize for his comments and said that he”got a little carried away” on the series. 

“After reflecting on my comments on Koffee with Karan, I want to apologize to everybody concerned who I may have hurt in any way. 

“Honestly, I got a bit carried away with the nature of the series. In no way did I mean to disrespect or hurt anyone’s sentiments. Respect,” Pandya posted on Twitter. 

Former BCCI general manager Ratnakar Shetty predicted Pandya’s run a”disgrace to the cricket community.” Shetty tweeted, “It’s time the BCCI decides to take corrective steps for cricketers who talk rubbish on public platforms. Hardik Pandya was a disgrace to the cricket community the way he spoke on Koffee with Karan show. He has insulted the girls and made a racist remark.” 

Among the numerous things that left viewers shocked was once the allrounder stated “I like to see and observe how they move. I’m small from the Dark side so I need to determine how they proceed,” when queried why he does not ask women’s titles in a club. Additionally, he shared pieces for example”Once I lost my virginity, I arrived home and said, “Main karke aya hai aaj (I had sex now )” and”At a party my parents asked me acha tera wala (girls ) kaun sa hai [who’s your interest here?] So I explained yehyehyeh (pointing outside girls ) and they were just like waah proud of beta.” 

On a query posed from the host Karan Johar which queried the way the 2 guests on the show — KL Rahul and Pandya — decide who gets the woman if both hit the exact same one. KL Rahul said, “Upto the girl”; Pandya, however, went on to include, “Nahi nahi aisa kuch nahi haikuch gift pe hota haiJisko mila woh jao. [Nothing of the type. It is on talent. Whoever has, goes off with the girl]” 

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