Macron’s Former Bodyguard Admits to Using Diplomatic Passports

Macron's Former Bodyguard Admits to Using Diplomatic Passports After Dismissal

Macron’s former aide admits using diplomatic passports months after dismissal for beating a protester 

Macron’s Previous Bodyguard Admits to Applying for Diplomatic Passports Emmanuel Macron’s disgraced former security aide, sacked this summer for beating a protester, has sparked a more scandal by admitting he was traveling on diplomatic passports.  

Prosecutors are investigating allegations that Alexandre Benalla illegally applied diplomatic passports, which has to happen to be surrendered after he had been fired in July, to go to Africa and Israel.  

He is also suspected of trying to make money from his relations since a former Republican insider to win consultancy contracts. “Maybe I was incorrect to make use of these passports,”

But I want to allow it to be crystal clear that I only made it happen for the own personal relaxation, to ease my passage through airports” He refused he was touring diplomatic documents to boost his or her credentials. “I used them for my own business,” the former aide said. 

France’s Benalla affair

Benalla said he had come back to the passports at the end of August but added that they were given right back along with additional private possessions with a “presidential aide” at oct. “Insofar as they certainly were awarded back to me personally, ” I did not find any reason not to utilize them.”

Prosecutors on Saturday opened a preliminary evaluation to get “abuse of confidence”, the prohibited utilization of professional records and other expenses. Macron’s office said it had no advice about the use of Benalla’s passports, that it said were delegated only for function in his official capacity.  

Benalla was at the center of the big scandal this summer months soon right after accusations surfaced that he had beaten up demonstrators at a May Day rally at Paris while sporting a police helmet. He worked to the presidency during the moment. He wasn’t fired until following the media revelations prompted a wave of accusations out of government opponents that Macron’s office had sprayed the incident. Benalla has denied boasting of insider sway to acquire a job after his sacking and also has accused members of Macron’s entourage of attempting to”mess” his life. 

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