Mindfulness Tricks For Dealing With Troublesome Thoughts

Mindfulness Tricks For Dealing With Troublesome Thoughts

Some thoughts are troubling you again and again? Do these thoughts give you late night anxiety too? We have all been through such situations but let us tell you that winners are those who can manage their anxious thoughts smartly and hold mindfulness of thoughts. This particular blog will explain to you how to deal with anxious thoughts on a daily basis so that you can keep a calm of yourself and feel the goodness of reality in the moment.

Let us help you with some mindfulness tricks to deal with troublesome thoughts today.

Mindfulness Tricks To Deal With Anxious Thoughts

1. Avoid Suppression Of Thoughts

A lot of us do this as a mistake, knowingly or unknowingly. If you suppress your thoughts then you end up thinking more about it. Moreover, you can bring your thoughts out either by writing in a journal or speaking about them with someone close. If you don’t want to do so, engage yourself in some meaningful activity like reading a book, sketching or listening to some classic music.

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2.Hold An Intention For Yourself

Every Guru wants you to set an intention for the day and it’s a must, especially if you are dealing with troublesome thoughts. These thoughts may turn your day upside down but you don’t have to let that happen because you got to seize your day. When you set an intention, it keeps reminding you that you have to do something really more important than just thinking about anything. For example, decide that you are going to start a new course today and finish 5% of it.

3.Consider Doodling

Consider Doodling

Make sure that you find some time for yourself to color a piece of paper or just doodle. When you engage in a creative activity, you are allowing your creative juices to flow and prosper and allow the mind to take a break. Don’t hesitate to invest in a coloring book or simply draw something or anything in your diary.

4.Wish Happiness For Everyone

You have the whole day to wish happiness for one person. Make it a daily habit to wish happiness for one person each day. It could be your family member, colleague or even a stranger. There is no need to tell that person too. You won’t believe the amount of happiness you can experience because of the positive energy.

5.Leave Your Phone

Do you always take your phone with you whenever you move from one place to another? Even when you are sitting in the bathroom? Well, this is a kind of worry you are carrying with yourself and must try to leave behind your phone. Make sure that you leave it near the charging point or simply in your bag. Take some time for yourself and give attention to the details.

6.Focus on One Thing At A Time

If you have made a to-do list for yourself, you can focus on each of the tasks one by one and work on it mindfully. While you are doing such tasks, you have to be sure about not looking at your phone, no online browsing or multitasking is simply not allowed. In fact, you can place a timeline within which you will be only focusing on your work and nothing else. This mindfulness trick may look a little tough in the beginning but if you master it, it is going to help you forever. Also, keep a journal with you so that your work could be clearly mentioned and tick marked when done peacefully.

7.Identify Triggers

Is it a particular Instagram page which turns your whole life around? Or is it discussion with your overexcited colleague? Whatever be it, your triggers shall certainly be kept in check. With that, you also have to remind yourself that these thoughts are mere thoughts and they can easily pass through your mind. You will not worry about them in the coming few days because you could easily conquer them.


We are hopeful that you have found out these mindfulness tricks to deal with troublesome thoughts already and now will be able to start a fresh journey of keeping yourself calm. It is necessary to be mindful towards your own thoughts so that your actions could also be arranged positively around it. So get up, get going and accept how blessed you are! Once you count your blessings, you are able to find out how to deal with troublesome thoughts and how they don’t mean more than some thoughts to you. What are your views on the above topic and would you like to suggest some other mindfulness tricks? Share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below.

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