Naagin 3, 22 December 2018 Written Update – Sumitra makes Shocking Revelations about her Identity

Naagin 3, 22 December 2018 Written Update – Sumitra makes Shocking Revelations about her Identity

Bela is shocked to observe Sumitra is Vikrant’s mother and has been trying to attack her all this while. Sumitra demands the naagmani from Bela, who’s still in shock. Bela tells her that she is not fearful of her. Both prepare to strike each other in their snake forms. Bela strikes her first but Sumitra wraps her around with her tail. Bela attacks back but Sumitra subsequently threatens to kill Mahir. Sumitra subsequently tells Bela that Mahir isn’t her son. Whoa! Bela asks Sumitra to keep Mahir from the but she glides forward anyway to kill him. 

A force stops Sumitra from moving forward and she faints. Bela informs him that Vikrant deceived nothing was her fault. She informs him that she loves him. She is just about to tell him about his mother but Mahir fails to recognize both of these. Seems like the snake sting led to memory loss and he has no clue who Bela is at all. Sumitra wakes up just then, cries and tells Mahir the girls attempted to kill her. 

Bela tries to frighten Mahir of that she is but when he does not respond, she asks him to struggle with her instead of not speaking to her or not recognizing her whatsoever. Mahir informs her he is sorry but he doesn’t remember her. Mahir suddenly feels a lot of pain behind his mind and Sumitra takes away him to the physician. Bela breaks down and Vish tries to pacify her. Vish attempts to figure out the logic behind what but Bela is just worried about Mahir’s wellbeing. 

She takes him into the hospital at which all the family members are sitting, worried about him. Vikrant and Sumitra get into a debate afterwards where she scolds him for being incompetent. Flashback into Vikrant’s youth where Sumitra is insulted in front of him from the greater course naagvansh for eyeing the naagmani and banished, also. Sumitra then tells him how she had to marry Andy and dwell among the humans because she is not allowed back in the naagvansh. She points how Vikrant fell in love with Bela when he should not have. 

Sumitra also tells her that she now wants to rule the entire world in addition to the snakes because she likes the large lifestyle of us human beings. She reveals her whole strategy to Vikrant about murdering Mahir. She also plans to kill Mahir to get her hands on the property. In the clinic, the doctor tells the Sehgals the injury has influenced Mahir’s brain and that he has no idea when Mahir will recover his memories. Sumitra additionally asks Vikrant to trap Bela emotionally yet again. 

Vikrant tries to tell Sumitra that she is being over-ambitious but Sumitra subsequently plays with prey and informs him this is so important for him. At the clinic, Mahir is joyful looking at Kuhu’s baby. The Sehgals reach residence to find Bela maintaining the breakfast and what that Mahir needs to be prepared. Sumitra is surprised to see everybody listening to Bela and can be confused with her behavior. She goes to the kitchen and asks Bela what she’s around. 

Bela then tells Sumitra how she convinced all the household about not losing hope and that she will make sure he remembers her. Bela tells Sumitra she knows the only reason why she (Sumitra) desires Mahir to stay alive for a reason that she’ll find out. Andy walks in asking Bela about Mahir’s medications and she leaves later asking Sumitra to make a dessert for everyone.

He comes along with his wedding album together with Bela and she walks in telling him that they have married 6 months back. She tries to remind him of those seconds that they have spent together. The incident ends with Bela hugging Mahir. 

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