PUBG Corp Cracks Down on Radar Hack Cheat

PUBG Corp Cracks Down on Radar Hack Cheat

PUBG Corp Cracks Down on Radar Hack Cheat; Prominent Professional Players Banned

PUBG Corp has broken down on the radar hack system of cheating within their crush battle royale match — Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, also called PUBG. Reports indicate that over 30,000 accounts are prohibited as a result of this new anti-cheating measures executed through the Battleye software. The unfortunate side effect of the ban has been a simple fact that many expert PUBG players are banned, a growth which has had an influence on the standing of PUBG within an e-sport. 

Radar hack is a cheat which allows players to observe the positions of the rest of the players around the map, providing them an immediate benefit. The maps, which maintain shrinking and forcing players towards the middle, are comprehensive and have many hiding places for players that are catchy. Utilizing a radar hack shows the rest of the players around the map, also provides PUBG cheats a simple way to win the game. The anti-cheat step for radar hacks was executed together with the Vikendi snow map upgrade, according to Newsweek. 

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Players have been whining about radar hacks for weeks and it seems that PUBG Corp has listened to their complaints. It was considered hard to crack down on radar hacks since they send info from the host to an external apparatus with a VPN. Cheaters can then track other PUBG gamers’ rankings by means of another screen or maybe a smartphone. 

May Ozdemir, also referred to as TEXQS, is one of the very popular PUBG players to be prohibited as part of the initiative. Ozdemir played with the Pittsburgh Knights e-sports group, that has issued an announcement that states TEXQS was suspended and an investigation is underway. 

In the end, it is important to be aware that Battleye is regarded as a little too aggressive in regards to anti-cheat bans. Back in June, the applications banned several innocent gamers in PUBG and these incidents are reported in different games like ARMA too. It appears like this tide of radar hack prohibits isn’t one of these glitches, but there might be a few innocent PUBG players prohibited even within this tide. 

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