PUBG has Banned in Universities for Poor Exam Result

PUBG has Banned in Universities for Poor Exam Result

A few days ago, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) had banned PUBG- Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, in the campus.  

Earlier this season the mobile version of PUBG was launched on Android and iOS shops, and from then, this game has attracted many people and is now their addiction.  

Since then the sport has taken the world by storm. People today waste hours after getting that precious ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.’ 

The university put up a notice saying that the hostellers are disturbing their fellow roommates by playing PUBG in their chambers and spoiling the whole feeling of the hostel.  

PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS is one of the most popular games in India right now. Moreover, it is this prevalence which has landed it in a spot of bother with the Jammu and Kashmir Students Association. The student body has requested the Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Naik to prohibit the game instantly. It claims that PUBG Mobile is very addictive and has led to poor results for the current class X and XII board examinations.

PUBG has Banned in Universities

“The match should have been banned instantly after the bad performance of 12th and 10th class results, but we have not seen any action,” said Deputy Chairman Raqif Makhdoomi according to a report on Pristine Kashmir. “The addiction to this game is now more concerning than dependency to drugs as we get to see youngsters 24 hours on the cellular phones and playing the sport and doing nothing. We ask the government administration to ban the match immediately.”  

Jammu and Kashmir Students Association Chairman Abrar Ahmad Bhat termed PUBG Mobile as a “future spoiler,” the report claims, strongly appealing to get a ban as soon as possible.  

This isn’t the first time PUBG Mobile has found itself in the spotlight for the wrong motives. Late last year, a viral article claimed that the game was banned in Mumbai.  

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