Quora states 100 million users hit by a security violation

Quora states 100 million users hit by a Security Breach

Quora said today that a security violation could have compromised data from about 100 million consumers. Its internal safety teams and a “leading digital forensics and security form” are now investigating the breach. Law enforcement officials have also been advised. 

The company believes it has identified the origin of the violation and “taken steps to deal with the matter, although our investigation is ongoing and we will continue to create security improvements.” Quora additionally included that anonymous questions and answers weren’t affected by the violation because it doesn’t save the identities of men and women who create anonymous postings. 

The company is presently notifying users whose data had been compromised and logging out all Quora users who may have been changed as a security precaution. It is also invalidating their passwords if they employed one. An FAQ about the breach has been set up here. 

In accordance with Quora, the next user information Might Have Been accessed: 

Public activities and articles such as drafts, e.g. queries, answers, comments, blog articles, upvotes 

Non-public actions, e.g. answer asks, downvotes, thanks 

“We are in the process of notifying users whose data has been compromised,” Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo said in a blog post.

“We have kept a major digital forensics and security company to assist us,” it stated. 


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