Sachin Tendulkar Bats for India becoming a Nation

Sachin Tendulkar Bats for India becoming a Nation

Under the initiative, solar-powered flood-lights are installed to enable the children to play with the match in the night time. 

So, the nation becomes a healthy state, addressing a number of pupils, Tendulkar highlighted the need to make a shift in lifestyle. 

“….and I will give another message here, as I have been always saying that India must be young and fit. We are a young (country)…when you see the average age of the countries, India is called the youngest nation. 

Sachin Tendulkar Bats for India becoming a Nation

“But I don’t think that India is the fittest country or the safest state, because if this had been the case, we wouldn’t have been the diabetes capital…we’re the parasitic capital of the world, so far as obesity is concerned, we’re in the third number, so we need to modify our lifestyle,” said Tendulkar. 

“We really are a sports-loving state and it is very important to become a sports-playing state and therefore if facilities such as those develop, then (I won’t only) tell kids (but also) inform parents to spend time with their kids and play, there’ll be a fantastic relationship,” added Tendulkar, who’s played 200 Exam matches. 

Citing his own case, he guided the students to pursue their dreams.  

“I’d tell the students to find out the areas of their passion. 

According to Tendulkar, cricket taught him and has given him a great deal. 

Senior officials of Thane Municipal Corporation and city Mayor Meenakshi Shinde were present on the occasion. 

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