Top Java vs Swift: Key differences you need to know

We know that there are many programming languages available nowadays, and each of them helps for various purposes. In this blog, we are going to discuss the two open-sourced programming languages such as Java and Swift. We will see about Java vs Swift, the main differences between those programming languages. 

What is Java?

Java is a robust, open-sourced programming language and it is class and object-oriented. It is a powerful language invented by James Gosling in the year 1995. It was first named “Oak” after an oak tree, and later it was transformed as “Java”. It is a platform-independent language that has the policy WORE (Write Once and Run Anywhere).

Java is helpful for creating many applications and games nowadays. Some of the popular companies that use the Java language are Uber, Netflix, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and more.

Features of Java

Some of the notable features of the Java language including

  • Platform-independent: Java programs are converted into byte codes that can be executed on various platforms because of the interpreter called the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • Simplicity: Java is a simple and portable programming language and it is free of cost for development and testing.
  • Object-oriented: It is an object-oriented language and makes every program simpler and understandable by dividing it into objects. Data flow can be achieved from one function to other because of these objects.
  • Multithreaded: It is a multi-threaded language using which more than one task can be performed at a single time.
  • Applets: Java language can create applets that can run in different web browsers.
  • Robust: It is a strong language that uses exceptional handling and automatic garbage collection. 
  • Preprocessor: This language doesn’t need any preprocessor and header files are not needed for application development.

Benefits of Java programming language

Java is the one of the widely used programming languages used for software development. Some of the benefits of using this language include,

  • Java is widely used for its stability and platform independency
  • The number of security risks is very less here
  • Memory management is automatic in this language. 
  • It has a large open-source community.

What is Swift?

Swift is a general-purpose programming language developed in the year 2014 by Apple Inc. It is an instinctive and compiled language that helps in developing applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and more. The language was developed by Chris Lattner.

It is a very fast programming language and can be easily learned by new programmers. Popular companies that use Swift programming language include Accenture, Slack, Robinhood, Lyft, and more. 

Features of Swift language

Some of the notable features of Swift programming language include

  • Open-source: it is an open-source language and supports all platforms. Developers of Swift language can share their ideas, help others in bug fixing over their community. 
  • Easy to code: This programming language is easy to read and write. It has a simple syntax and it is easy to use.
  • Maintenance: Swift is a language that is easy to maintain. The programmer just needs 2 code files to improve build time and code performance.
  • Speed: This language is modern and faster compared to objective C and provides faster development. It saves development costs. 
  • Multiple devices: It is a programming language that can be run on multiple devices. Though it was developed by Apple, it also supports all other devices. 
  • Safe and powerful: It is a safe, powerful, and reliable language. 

Benefits of Swift programming language

There are a lot of benefits of using Swift language for programming over other programming languages. Some of them are

  • This language easily integrates with objective C
  • Performance and scalability are higher in the Swift programming language.
  • Scalability of the applications can be achieved in this language.
  • Swift language supports multiple devices and is open-sourced.

Java vs Swift: Main differences between them

Though Java and Swift are open-sourced programming languages used for application development of various purposes, they differ in some ways. Some of the main differences between the two languages are listed below. 

S No.Java Swift
1.Java is an object-oriented and platform-independent language Swift is a general-purpose language to develop applications for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and more.
2.Java is developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995Swift is developed by Apple Inc in 2014
3.Helps in developing web applications, application servers, android applications, enterprise applications, desktop applications, etc.Helps in the development of iOS mobile and TV applications, desktop applications for macOS and more
4. Java has complex and verbose syntaxIn swift, the syntax is simple and easier to learn 
5. Inheritance in Java is made by using the keyword “extend”Inheritance in Swift is made by using the “:” operator. 
6. It uses the class names for creating constructors. It creates constructors like methods such as init()
7. Object creation in Java looks like Classname Objectname= new Classname();Object creation in Swift looks like Var objectname : B=B
8. Java is an old programming languageSwift is a modern programming language
9. Java has a bigger community supportSwift has comparatively less community support than Java
10. The readability of the Java language is complex The readability of Swift language is easier as compared to Java.
11. Popular companies using Java language such as Google, Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, Amazon, Instagram, etc.Popular companies that use Swift language include Slack, Robinhood, Accenture, Lyft, Uber, etc.
12.Some of the drawbacks of using the Java language are complex syntax,machine interaction is less, performance sometimes may get poor, and It is a single paradigm language.Some of the drawbacks of using the Swift programming language include,the language is too young doesn’t support earlier versions of iOS, a limited number of Swift programmers, compatibility issues, speed issues, and more.

Choosing the right programming language is essential before starting to develop any application. Both the languages Java and Swift have their own benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, we have seen about Java vs Swift and the differences between them. Pick the right programming language by keeping your requirements in mind and start your journey effectively in app development.

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