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How To Turn ON Bluetooth On Your Mac? – Enable Bluetooth

MacOS has advanced features and options to configure the device according to your needs. We connect and set up a lot of Bluetooth devices like a printer, keyboard, mouse, speakers and other devices with our Mac as input and output devices. There are hard times when we are unable to pair a device with Mac or the Bluetooth is not turning ON Mac.

These small tweaks on how to turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac have the best tricks to configure and fix Bluetooth issues on Mac. turning ON Bluetooth is separate and pairing a Bluetooth device takes another set of instructions. There are hard times when you may need to troubleshoot other Bluetooth issues or fix Bluetooth drivers. Let’s explore some smart tips and tricks to resolve Bluetooth not turning ON for Mac.

How to Turn ON Bluetooth on Your Mac

Turning ON Bluetooth is easy on Mac with a few simple clicks. You can use the Control Centre or get into settings to turn ON Bluetooth on Mac.

Control Centre

Step 1. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the Control Centre.

Step 2. Toggle to turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac.

Apple Menu

Step 1. If you are not able to locate the Bluetooth icon on the Control Centre, you can get into the Apple menu and turn ON the Control Centre. Click on the Apple menu and go to System Preferences.

Apple Menu

Step 2. Select Bluetooth and click on the ‘Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar’ to make it visible in the Control Centre.

Mac bluetooth

Step 3. Toggle ON the Bluetooth switch to turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac.

“Please Note: You can also access Bluetooth Preferences and configure multiple Bluetooth devices at a time.”

Configure & Pair Bluetooth Devices

Turning Bluetooth ON is easy however pairing a device can be a little tricky. You can try these steps to pair and configure a Bluetooth device. You can configure a Bluetooth keyboard, trackpad, mouse, gaming pad, headphones, speakers, printer, or other audio devices.

Step 1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

Turn Bluetooth on

Step 2. Select Bluetooth and click on the ‘Turn Bluetooth ON’ button on the left. Also, ensure that ‘Show Bluetooth in Menu Bar’ has a check to make it visible in the Control Centre.

Step 3. It will scan and list out all the available Bluetooth devices. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is turned ON. It will be listed in the right panel.

System Preference

Step 4. Select your device and click on the Connect button to establish a connection. It may ask you for a passkey to establish a connection. You can also remove a Bluetooth device with the same console. The new Bluetooth device will be paired and connected to your Mac.

Bluetooth Not Turning ON Mac

There are times when you try to pair a device or turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac however it just doesn’t happen. There are a few steps you can try to Fix Bluetooth Not Available on Mac.

Reset Bluetooth Module

There are multiple layers of Bluetooth troubleshooting however the basic one is to reset the Bluetooth module. Here is how you can do this!

Step 1. Click on the Bluetooth icon in the Control Centre.

Reset the bluetooth module

Step 2. Select Debug and then click on the ‘Reset the Bluetooth Module’ option from the list.

Step 3. Click on the Okay button to confirm your action and wait until it’s done.

Step 4. Try to pair your Bluetooth device again.


Resetting NVRAM and PRAM can fix a lot of issues on Mac. NVRAM (Non-volatile Random-Access Memory) and PRAM (Parameter RAM) store temporary settings for all your connected devices. You can reset it and establish a fresh connection.


Step 1. Reboot your Mac. While booting, press and hold the Option + Command + P + R keys.

Step 2. Hold down the keys until you hear a beep sound.

Step 3. Configure Bluetooth settings again and pair a new device. You may also want to check display, volume, date & time and other settings once again for your Mac.

Enable Bluetooth Sharing

At times a few Bluetooth devices may not connect if the Bluetooth sharing is not enabled. Connecting to a remote device or a Bluetooth printer may demand Bluetooth sharing enabled.

Step 1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

BLuetooth Sharing

Step 2. Select Sharing and put a check on the Bluetooth Sharing option in the left panel. Ensure that the Bluetooth Sharing status is showing turned ON.

Step 3. When not in use, you can turn OFF the Bluetooth connection.

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Final Words

This article on how to turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac has the quickest tips and tricks to turn ON Bluetooth on your Mac and fix Bluetooth not turning ON Mac. There are a few checks that can help you establish a quick Bluetooth connection and pair new devices.

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