Vinaya Vidheya Rama – A Story of Four Brothers

Vinaya Vidheya Rama - A Story of Four Brothers

Actor Ram Charan, who scored a hit with Rangasthalam this last year, is now joining the Sankranthi box office race together with all the Boyapati Sreenu directorial Vinaya Vidheya Rama. The celebrity interacted with the press to share interesting tidbits about his forthcoming release, his next project with Rajamouli — RRR along with his production venture Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. 

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Q. What can we anticipate from VinayaVidheyaRama? 

My personality is devised in a way that everybody will want to have a boy or a brother-in-law like me in their homes. Just like Lord Ram, my character has respect and anger. Every human posses these two attributes.  

Q. What’s the story about?

Vinaya Vidheya Rama is the story of four brothers. How they met, how they become a household and then their journey.  

Q. Was it easy for you to switch from films like Dhruva andRangasthalamto Vinaya Vidheya Rama? 

As an artiste, I wish to do all kinds of genres. Even my father Chiranjeevi worked in every sort of genre. Most of all, I need to do sensible films with directors who have great certainty. I really enjoyed Boyapati’s certainty and clarity. 

I wish I had more time to prep with this character. We started to shoot for the movie shortly after Rangasthalam. 

Additionally, I had other commitments. But when you have a manager with such clarity, it’s easy to slip into characters. 

Q. BoyapatiSreenu’s previous movies had a high dose of violence. How is it likely to be for Vinaya Vidheya Rama? 

If you observe Boyapati movies, apart from the activity, they also possess a good romance and family play. As far as action is concerned, I suppose it’s balanced. Also, if we had a high dose of violence, CBFC would not have granted us the U/A certification.  

Q. After your deglamourized role in Rangasthalam, today you are coming together with Vinaya Vidheya Rama. 

In SS Rajamouli’s directorial, my personality is not glamorous. It is a role that’s relatable to a frequent man. I feel that everything is balanced.  

Q. You had a rigorous workout program for VinayaVidheyaRama. 

For Rangasthalam, director Sukumar told me to not have the masculine physique, while for Vinaya Vidheya Rama, Boyapati Sreenu requested me to focus on the body. It required a lot of work. I had four months to mold my body.  

Q. How was it working with VinayaVidheyaRama producer DVV Danayya? 

I am quite delighted to have him as a manufacturer. Though he discusses the budget with the directors, after he steps into manufacturing, he never hesitates to invest. He is a really gutsy manufacturer. Following the Kortala Siva job, he will be producing Chiranjeevi-Trivikram film.  

Q. There are plenty of rumors concerningSyeRaa Narasimha Reddy. Some suggest that it is not going according to this schedule. 

I would not lie and say everything is moving according to plan. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is a big movie. For Vinaya Vidheya Rama, a couple programs did not go as planned. When we do high budget movies, there can be a whole lot of reasons for the delay of these shoots; be it properties or dates. We know how much effort we’re putting in for production. All in all, the shoot is happening very nicely, that also within our budget limitations. In two weeks, we’ll finish the shoot and begin with post-production work. We will release the film in the second half of the year. The film’s budget is going to be above Rs 200 cr. 

Q. How can your journey as a producer?

I didn’t start Konidela Productions banner to create movies with different actors. It’s an expansion of my dad Chiranjeevi. I started it with a thought to do something for him. I feel no matter what I do for him, it is always going to be less. As for myself, I only want to focus on being a celebrity first. 

Q. RRR is your first Telugu multi-starrer to have 2 big contemporary stars after a very long time.

We were in shock when Rajamouli developed the deal. I was amazed with the notion. I believe he will make it a full-fledged entertainer and I firmly believe that he will completely warrant it. I think more than people, the actual pressure is on the manager. He will have to meet our individual fan base along with his audience also. 

I and Tarak’ve finished a 20-day long program and the second schedule will begin after Sankranthi. 

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