World Trade Park – Practices of Chemical Attack in Mock Drill, NDRF and SDRF in Rajasthan

World Trade Park - Practices of Chemical Attack in Mock Drill, NDRF and SDRF in Rajasthan

On Wednesday, the mock drill of compound attack was completed from the city’s World Trade Park. These mock drills were organized by NDRF and SDRF. In which case the tradition of prompt action was obtained in the condition of chemical assault. Fire Brigade trains reached the spot during this time. 

During the mock drill, SDRF also practiced the expulsion of individuals trapped inside the mall. At the exact same time, a high number of police teams were present together with NDRF and SDRF during the Mock drill. In this time people have also been stopped from going inside the mall. 

Panic gripped World Trade Park (WTP) Restaurant situated in Malviya Nagar area of Jaipur on Wednesday when the officials and people were informed of a chemical attack and damage from an earthquake. 

Rescue teams along with police officers and ambulances hurried to the spot and carried out the rescue operation. However, it was later shown by the administration that it was a mock drill to inspect the safety preparedness of the bureaus. 

The folks were evacuated in the mall to a safer place. A search operation inside the mall has been launched to find terror attack suspects. 

Police Control Room received information regarding a major chemical attack and causalities at WTP mall because of an earthquake in the morning. The groups alerted and directed all of the safety agencies to the mall. 

“This exercise has been conducted by the government to inspect the security measures and operational preparedness for tackling these kinds of emergencies,” a police officer said. 

Many mock drills were conducted at the different areas of the city such as GT, Triton and crystal hands-on bomb dangers in the past. The purpose of the government to run these exercises time to time is to ensure the strict security measures in town in case of a threat. 

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